“A true thing poorly expressed is a lie.” - Stephen Fry

↑ Strategy Map for a City Simulation (Mar, 2019)

Data visualisation for a company that develops games and simulations to drive policy change.

↑ Sarkari Pariksha (Oct, 2018)

An app that helps tens of thousands of students across India, prepare for over 60 central and state level government job entrance tests.

↑ Fastah 4G Maps (Jun, 2018)

Mapping mobile internet speeds across the world, to improve predictability of mobile network quality for mobile consumers.

↑ Gender in the Judiciary (Jun, 2018)

The first of its kind, open access interface that visualises the composition of the Indian Judiciary across every state and district.

↑ Website Design for an MIT Researcher (Nov, 2017)

Information architecture and designing content for Pratik Shah, an MIT research scientist working on the intersection of machine learning and medicine.

↑ Cow Violence (Oct, 2017)

IndiaSpend’s fact-based hate crime database visualised in terms of geography and demographics.

↑ Spending Data of Urban Local Bodies (May, 2017)

Based on the principles of political action and distributive justice, this project puts a spotlight on the Indian Urban Local Bodies’ spending patterns.

↑ Civic Systems (Feb, 2017)

Collating local government data to understand the system better.

↑ Art of Fermentation (Dec, 2016)

Visualising the instructional material for an event and workshop on the art and science of fermentation.

↑ Maker Auto (Nov, 2016)

Program design for India’s first mobile makerspace built into a retrofitted auto.

↑ Wasteland (Sep, 2016)

Understanding the cycle of waste, citizens’ relationship with it and their threshold to participate in alleviating a city-wide problem.

↑ Akanksha Foundation (Jun, 2016)

A three day design sprint with the Akanksha Foundation to help them create a project around women empowerment in their communities.

↑ Nat Geo Traveller (Jan, 2016)

Creating a smoother user experience and improve the ad-integration to boost revenue on their web magazine.

↑ Max Life Insurance (Mar, 2015)

Experience and instructional design for Max Life Insurance’s sales training game to educate sales agents/advisors about the company’s sales process.

↑ Essar Oil & Gas (Oct, 2013)

A simulation for Essar’s new employees to experience and learn the company’s processes from ‘rig to retail’.

↑ The Office Guy (Oct, 2012)

A game about the ‘corporate machinery’, made for young professionals to connect with an HR organisation.

↑ Battlecare (Mar, 2011)

CliniSpace Battlecare is a training tool for medical students and medics alike to learn trauma triage in intense battle situations.

↑ Flipside Workspace (Mar, 2011)

An immersive online business district that takes those perks of real-life office dynamics and brings them into a virtual environment.

↑ Juice (Mar, 2009)

Animated typography project about the nature of the creative process, bursts of inspiration and destructive doubt.