Essar Oil & Gas

UX, information design
(Oct, 2013)

A simulation for Essar’s new employees to experience and learn the company’s processes from ‘rig to retail’.

Essar’s existing solutions were company brochures or files on the intranet that employees had to read through when they joined. In order for their new recruits to have a complete view and understanding of the company’s work, we created an experience that would let them walk through all the company’s areas of operation. The user is welcomed by a virtual mentor who then takes them around the company’s corporate headquarters, rig site, refinery and retail outlets to meet the people working there. The new employee meets them virtually and familiarises themselves with the work environment and procedures.

My role:

  • User experience design: developing the designing the user’s journey.
  • Script-writing: understanding the companies functions and processes to incorporate them into the application script.
  • Guiding the visual design of the application.