Flipside Workspace

UX, information design
(Mar, 2011)

An immersive online business district that takes those perks of real-life office dynamics and brings them into a virtual environment.

Flipside Workspaces is a remote working tool in the form of a business district, complete with office buildings, conference rooms, outdoor gathering spots, and business tools. This is intended for use by independent consultants, remote workers, multi-business owners. It serves a variety of purposes like remote collaboration, virtual events, meetings etc.

My Role:

  • Art direction for the virtual environment
  • Sound Design
  • User Experience and UI design
  • Web Dashboard wireframes
  • Machinima Video: This product’s promo was created as a machinima within the game editor, Unity3D. A machinima is “the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production.” I wrote, directed and edited this video, to demonstrate the platform’s features and highlights.