(Mar, 2009)

Animated typography project about the nature of the creative process, bursts of inspiration and destructive doubt.

I designed a font based on the theme of “threads of thought”. This film revolves around the progression of these threadlike characters, which are the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each flimsy character is born (when struck by inspiration) and consequently destroyed (when interrupted by doubt, insecurity or complexity), like the thoughts in our head.

The animation is centered around Sir William Walton’s Symphony No. 2. The choice of music was inspired by the mood and energy prevalent in the never-ending cat and mouse chases in cartoons. Trying to pin down an idea or creative brainstorming often feels like an episode of Tom & Jerry to me - racing thoughts and lots of clanking in the head.

This animation film was nominated for the 2009 Ibda’a Awards held in Dubai.