Maker Auto

Program Design
(Nov, 2016)

Program design for India’s first mobile makerspace built into a retrofitted auto.

India has countless people who make their living building things, but physical building activities are not often viewed as a respectable career path. I worked with the Maker’s Asylum and Limitless Child International, an organisation that supports orphanages across India, by providing them with access to mobile play and learning centers.

The excitement and energy about innovation and building things within the maker culture is palpable. But how can we bring that creativity energy to to the streets of Mumbai in collaborative workshops and projects? Can we show the greater community that making and building things by is an essential part of some of the best innovations?

The goal of the Maker Auto is to bring the tools, materials, mentorship, and creative energy of the maker culture to the streets of Mumbai.

The auto was designed as a residency project by Coby Unger in late 2016. Since then, we’ve been working to develop programs and curriculum for workshops and courses with various community groups, educational institutions, non-profits and corporates across the city.