Max Life Insurance

Script writing, Editing, Game Design, Project Management
(Mar, 2015)

Experience and instructional design for Max Life Insurance’s sales training game to educate sales agents/advisors about the company’s sales process.

Max Life Insurance needed a way to help train sales agents/advisors on the process of selling life insurance solutions to potential customers.

Their existing method of training recruits, involved occasional in-person workshops with a trainer using audio-visual aids to explain the process. They were also given documents, role-playing videos and scripts to gain some understanding of the soft-skills involved.

Since the agents they wanted to train were across various demographics, Max Life required a more scalable, cost-effective and engaging solution that allowed their agents to learn and practice at their own pace, as well as allowing them to assess their agents learning curve.

We created an interactive application for low-end tablets, in order to let the Sales Agents practice and understand the finer nuances of the sales process. The app was a combination of character-based role-play, gamification, instructor-led videos and assessment systems.

In September 2016: Max Life Insurance won the prestigious Brandon Hall award for Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning for this application.

My role involved:
  • Instructional Design: understanding Max Life’s current content, manuals, videos etc to be able to effectively convert them into an interactive program.
  • Design Documentation: writing detailed application design documents that serve as a guideline for all stakeholders and teams involved.
  • Directing the UI and visual design of the application.
  • Video Editing: editing and converting the videos to be included in the app, into instructional aids.