Nat Geo Traveller

UX, Web Design
(Jan, 2016)

Creating a smoother user experience and improve the ad-integration to boost revenue on their web magazine.

NGT India’s team was struggling to have their vision and requirements for the re-design implemented. They had a web development team on board, but they needed someone who would liason between their team and the development team to design and implement the new website.

See the website here.

My Role:

  • Design consultant: to understand the problems that the editorial and marketing team had with the previous website and align them with the requirements from the new one.
  • User experience: to create wireframes, layouts and user interface designs for the implementation by the development team.
  • Management: to interface between the client and developer stakeholders to align expectations, implementation and usability. The client team needed someone who could translate the technical challenges, provide alternatives and work with them to achieve their business goals.