Sarkari Pariksha

user experience, information architecture, user interface design
(Oct, 2018)

An app that helps tens of thousands of students across India, prepare for over 60 central and state level government job entrance tests.

Aspirants for these exams come from various tier-2 and tier-3 cities across India. Having survived a very poor primary education, these candidates are ill-prepared to surpass the entrance tests for ther dream jobs. SP wanted to build an app for basic smartphones. The goal was to (1) Build Expertise through practice (2) Provide motivation via hints, easy interaction, gamification, etc. (3) Manage expectation by highlighting progress. [The app is now prepping for release]

Since SP already had a web platform they wanted to expand their presence to mobile as well. According to an IAMAI report (titled Mobile Internet in India 2017), buoyed by cheaper smartphones, faster connectivity and affordable prices, there were 291 million urban mobile internet users & 187 million rural users. 57 per cent of the rural users were below the age of 25 and “young students” turned out to be the “most prolific users of most services”.

Based on an understanding of this market, their prior research and the user base that they already had for their web testing service, we set out to create a user experience that would be fresh, yet simple enough to speak to an audience that wasn’t a sophisticated mobile user.

The constant challenge wiht user journeys, is getting the team to set aside what they’ve already decided they want to create and look at it from a bottom-up point of view.